Name Announced for our Newest Conservation Property – THREE CREEKS it is!

Some of the great name suggestions:

Name Suggestions

Since we acquired it last year, we have been referring to our newest property acquisition as merely McKee Peak (based on its geographic location on Sumas Mountain). This summer we have been soliciting input from our members, neighbours, and online followers for name suggestions. There was a huge range of various suggestions; ranging from simple to obscure and some even comical! But in the end the FVC board elected to go with the elegantly simple “Three Creeks”. This name really sums up why this property was donated as conservation land and the moist hillside forest habitat that makes it such a special place.

Rainy days with the Ryder Lake toadlets…

Though the weather has been particularly wet these last few days there are still some baby Western toads crossing the road.  They are difficult to see as they camouflage very well with wet pavement!  We don’t see very many on the road when it is raining but any break in the weather results in a new knot of toads venturing out onto the road.  The number of toads migrating is decreasing.  We are continuing to monitor their activity and will post another update soon!


Entering the final stretch of the toad migration!



The number of toads crossing the roads in Ryder Lake is substantially lower now than at the peak of the migration. Therefore, we have taken down the voluntary detour signs for this season. Thank you to all who have followed the detour route! We will be continuing to monitor the migration and will post more updates as we get them.


Check out the color variations of the migrating Western Toads!

P1130017 P1130019

Rainy days and Western toads

There are a few Western toads braving the rain to cross the roads in Ryder Lake but the majority seem to be waiting for a break in the weather to continue their migration.  There are many toads lining the edges of the road preparing to make a dash across the road.  Please keep an eye out for these little guys!

A successful river clean-up day, thanks to volunteers!

The second Chilliwack Vedder River Clean-up Day of the year (hosted by the Chilliwack Vedder River Clean-up Society) proved to be a huge success this morning! Our staff and volunteers removed two full bags of garbage, as well as larger debris from the banks of our adopted section of the river to help keep it sparkling clean. We also spotted a few interesting native species along the way, such as a Pacific Sideband snail and an adult Northern Red-legged frog!

P1120975 P1120982 P1120984P1120979

Ryder Lake toad update!

There were still Western toads migrating across Elk View, Ryder Lake, and Huston roads in Ryder Lake today.  The small toads spent the hottest part of the day hiding in vegetation lining the road but were found crossing the road in the cooler morning and evening hours.  The voluntary toad migration detour will be discontinued for tomorrow as well.  Please keep checking this website and the migration signs for any future changes.  Thanks for your cooperation!



Chilliwack River Clean-up Day Saturday July 19th

River Clean-up










Come join the FVC and other groups to clean up the banks of the Chilliwack river on Saturday, July 19th! It is a family friendly event that helps keep garbage out of the river and provides an opportunity to enjoy the scenery along our adopted section of this spectacular river.

  • This event is hosted by the Chilliwack Vedder River Cleanup Society.                                                                                                                                 
  • Registration starts at 8:30am Saturday July 19th, at the Great Blue Heron Reserve (5200 Sumas Prairie Road, in Chilliwack). We will head out at 9:30 am to our section of the river (between Sleese Road and the Tamahi Bridge) and will be done by noon.
  • Please ensure you dress appropriately for the weather!
  • Clean-up bags and tools will be provided.
  • If you have any questions feel free to call 604-625-0066 or email:

Updates regarding voluntary toad migration detour

There are still many small Western toads migrating along Elk View road, however, there are currently more toads migrating across Huston road along the detour route.  Therefore we are discontinuing the voluntary toad migration detour at this time.  Please keep checking for updates and watching for the detour signs as we will continue to update the signs with changing toad conditions.  Thank you!

In other news, we have seen several Northern Red-legged frogs and Pacific Chorus frogs on the roads over the last few days.  Keep an eye out for these neat amphibians!

We’re always on the lookout for Super-Humans!

“It’s nice to see the recognition,” Clegg told The Progress about the Superman award from Fraser Valley Conservancy. - JENNA HAUCK/ PROGRESS FILE

Check out this link to the story in the Chilliwack Progress about Steve – one of FVC’s outstanding volunteers.

The FVC depends on dedicated volunteers to help implement our conservation efforts. In addition to the amphibian monitoring, we are always looking for help on our properties with: controlling invasive species, planting native trees and shrubs, assisting with mapping and surveys, and anything else that needs to be done!

To sign up to be a FVC volunteer please enroll in our volunteer email list here: volunteer sign-up form