P9150110-caption-224x300The Fraser Valley Conservancy (FVC) was established in 1998 as a non-profit society and federally registered charity to protect land and water for future generations. Since then we have secured over 30 acres of wildlife habitat containing woodland forest, mature forests, creeks and wetlands that protects our health for our future.

We believe that natural areas in the Fraser Valley are home to the richest biodiversity in the lower mainland, but development patterns have led to fragmentation of wildlife habitat and jeopardizes remaining natural areas.

The FVC has established specific goals to protect the biodiversity in the Fraser Valley:

  • Protect and preserve land and watercourses that have recognized local and regional ecological value
  • Promote, facilitate and engage in land stewardship activities
  • Protect, preserve and enhance habitat for native species including rare and endangered species
  • Protect and preserve land of recognized local and regional historic value