Become a Member

P9160140-caption-300x224By becoming a member and supporting the Fraser Valley Conservancy, you have a say in the organization through the election of Directors, attendance at the Annual General Meeting, and other society correspondence.  Your financial contribution will go towards environmental and heritage-related conservation, preservation and restoration projects.

To become a member, sign up online with your credit card. Or complete this form and  pay via e-transfer or cheque. Minimum membership cost is $10 per year.  All memberships automatically expire on March 1st of each year.

Becoming a FVC Member is an easy way to engage in local environmental stewardship activities while learning about the important ecological values of the Fraser Valley. Rather than being an advocacy-driven organization, the FVC believes conservation goals can be met through other methods. These include: the collection and use of sound science practices; implementation of ecologically significant restoration projects; utilization of an open and balanced decision-making processes to secure and protect conservation properties in perpetuity; and most importantly, increased public awareness through supporting and promoting stewardship activities. We encourage anyone with an interest in this type of conservation to join our open and informative group of like-minded individuals!