Did you know…our latest ID sheet for Owls is out and ready to be put to use!

As part of our continuing series to highlight both common and rare species that live in our valley, our latest ID sheet is here. Winter is a great time to be on the lookout for the beautiful and fascinating owls. They provide a valuable contribution to our ecosystem by being a safe and natural form of rodent control. Download your own copy of the ID sheet here.

As most of these owls are only out and about in the evenings it is helpful to know what they sound like. Below are the corresponding links to the Cornell Lab of Ornithology audio files:


Join us for Rally in the Valley to learn about how you can help our species at risk…

The FVC is partnering with the SCCP to host a workshop about species at risk on Wednesday, September 13th. The afternoon session will provide updates from expert biologists and government staff and is designed for those working in habitat with species at risk. More information and session registration form is availble here.

The evening session is an opportunity for everyone to learn about how individual citizens can help out. We will have other community groups joining us hosting displays and giving presentations. Everyone is invited to come learn about what is going on in the community and how they can help. Advance registration via this link is helpful, but not required.



The Toad People are Coming – to Chilliwack!

Actually they were already here as this film features many awesome Chilliwack citizens, FVC staff and volunteers, and the story of our Toad Tunnel project in Ryder Lake. This visually stunning documentary outlines the efforts of concerned citizens and community groups around the province working to save species at risk.

The Wilderness Committee is co-hosting the event with the FVC. Part of the proceeds will be invested back into our toad tunnel project work.  Advance tickets are advisable and available online, cost it pay what you can. Check out the trailer here for a sneak peek and then come join us for the Chilliwack screening of the Toad People.

A fun day celebrating wildlife in Chilliwack!

We had a great day on Saturday, hosting our annual species at risk outreach event in Chilliwack. With over 200 people attending, we heard about all sorts of interesting critters they see in their homes and backyards.

We got to meet Stomper the Barn owl, who was a great ambassador and very patient for such a long day being the center of attention, and learn all about owls and what they eat.

There was big Bullfrog and a beautiful Painted turtle, both of whom live in our local waterways, along with other rare and more common amphibians.

There were native plants on display that can be planted to enhance our backyards. Those who wanted to learn more signed up to participate in our Nature Stewards program.  If you didn’t get a chance to come out, but are interested in participating on our Nature Steward program you can still sign up by contacting us.


A huge thanks to our host (The Local Harvest Market), our participating partners (South Coast Conservation Program, Raptors Ridge, Precious Frog), and of course our awesome staff, board members and their helpful volunteers!



Chilliwack Mountain Nature Walk: Saturday August 6th

Learn about the fascinating plants and animals that call Chilliwack Mountain home!

Join us for a Biologist-led nature walk at the little known Hillkeep Regional Park on the top of Chilliwack Mountain. We will explore this scenic park habitat which supports a wide range of species, both common and rare.

We will be meeting 10 am on Saturday, August 6th at the park entrance: turn off Chilliwack Mountain Road on to Grandview Drive, follow Grandview to the top of the hill, then turn right on Hillkeep Place, and meet in the cul-de-sac at the end of this road.

Please wear sturdy walking shoes and bring water and sun-protection or rain gear.
We will be walking rain or shine!

Registration for this free tour is appreciated, but not required.


Thanks for making Yarrow Nature Day so much fun!

Thank you to everybody who joined us for Yarrow Nature Day!  We were really excited to hear about all the interesting animals that have been seen in Yarrow.  We look forward to continuing our work in this unique environment through our Nature Steward Program.  If you missed hearing about our free Nature Steward program at this event and want to learn more follow this link! We are especially grateful for all the kids who helped us test out some new educational games and brought great spirit to both nature walks.


Pamela Zevit, from the South Coast Conservation Program, led two very interesting nature walks.  Some participants were lucky enough to see an at-risk Pacific sideband snail and a Western red-backed salamander.



We also want to thank all our project partners who made this event a success! We had a huge variety of educational games and displays!

We also had in attendance a special guest… a Coast Painted Turtle who hatched this spring!

We also had in attendance a special guest... a Coastal Painted Turtle hatched this spring!