Get to Know Your Neighbours in Nature!

Ever wonder what that mysterious critter visiting your yard might have been? Do you share your property with an unusual looking frog, owl or shrew? Are you interested in making your backyard an appealing refuge for local wildlife and using native plants to minimize maintenance? If you happen to live adjacent to a forest, wetland or creek, there is now a unique chance for you to learn how to become a nature steward. Continue reading

Small actions adding up result in a $5,000 donation to FVC!

BC Hydro’s Power Smart Cube was at the West Coast Women’s Show at Tradex at the end of October. Every person that participated in making positive power smart decisions resulted in a donation from BC Hydro. We were very excited to receive a cheque for 5,000 dollars this week, which will go long way in helping with some of our wetland restoration projects coming up in the summer!

Rain or Shine, FVC Youth Stewards in Action

FVC Youth Stewards update: Rick Hansen Science 10 Honours Students and Scouts Service Project

June was a busy month for the Fraser Valley Conservancy’s Youth Stewards Program, as we wrapped up yet another school year and celebrated the start of summer. But, our work wasn’t over yet- due to generous funding from the Wal-Mart Evergreen Green Grants Program, we were able to deliver two projects that helped us fulfill our goal of increasing youth participation in environmental stewardship activities. Continue reading

Making Connections in Conservation

Cutting-the-Ribbion-Joe-Feriancek-Lisa-Fox-David-Lamson-Arieol-AlderkingOn October 20th 2011, Fraser Valley Conservancy (FVC) hosted its first annual Fraser Valley Conservation Connection in Abbotsford and Chilliwack.  Along with allowing its attendees to make connections with like minded individuals, they enjoyed hearing the different perspectives on conservation from the Fraser Valley and beyond.  Two great guest speakers, Jerry DeBacker (Whatcom Land Trust) and Todd Carnahan (Habitat Acquisition Trust), let us know what’s happening in Whatcom County and Victoria respectively. Continue reading

A BIG Thanks to the BC Fallow Deer Association

thank-you2-199x300The Fraser Valley Conservancy would like to thank the former BC Fallow Deer Association for their generous donation towards FVC programs and projects. In recent years the Deer Farming industry in BC has fallen into decline and so has BCFDA membership, as a result the Association now no longer exists and the remaining members decided to donate their remaining funds to a worthy cause and they chose FVC! Without donors like the BCFDA, FVC would not be able to protect sensitive lands and the species that inhabit them. Continue reading

Bird Banding in the Canadian Prairies

P5091390-300x225Steve Clegg: Out and About

Our Environmental Stewardship Coordinator, Steve Clegg, recently went on vacation. Not to Mexico, nor to Vegas, instead Steve traveled to the center of the Canadian Prairies to trudge through “gumbo”, wade through swamps, and climb sketchy dead trees,  all while living out of the back of a car for a week. Why, you may ask? To band Great Horned Owls of course.

Bird banding is an important tool used in the scientific study and monitoring of wild birds. A uniquely numbered metal band placed around the leg of an owl allows is to be tracked throughout its life time. This also helps to monitor owl populations, determine common causes of death, and assess the effects of environmental contaminants. Continue reading