P9160140-caption-300x224There are several ways currently available to donate to the Fraser Valley Conservancy:

  1. Contact us directly by emailing us.
  2. Donate online using our donation form.
  3. Contribute to our endowment fund held by the Abbotsford Community Foundation which sustains our organization
  4. Volunteer your time at one of our many projects!

Your gift of money
Cash is the best and easiest way to help us acquire and manage our properties, employ our dedicated staff, host educational events within the community, and fund projects like helping to save the toads!
As we are a registered charity, you will receive a tax receipt for your gift of $10 or more. You can simply mail us a cheque payable to the Fraser Valley Conservancy at PO Box 2026, Abbotsford, BC  V2T 3T8. Or you can donate online, using a credit card, through Canada Helps where you can give a one-time gift or become a monthly donor.

Your gift of property
There are many ways you can protect important ecological property in perpetuity. You can make an outright gift of land. There are several options for tax benefits on this type of transaction — we recommend you discuss details with your financial planner.
If you have a beautiful wetland on your property and want to ensure that it will remain after you’re gone or have sold, we can work with you to establish a conservation covenant that will ensure the land remains natural habitat for the future. These legal agreements registered with the BC Land Title Office bind future owners to protect the land in ways you describe in the covenant. Whenever we agree to take on a conservation area, we concurrently establish an endowment fund to ensure that the ongoing management and monitoring of the property can continue in perpetuity as well.
Simpler shorter term options exist, such as stewardship or management agreements in which you retain ownership but take on the responsibility to maintain the ecological values while receiving guidance from the Conservancy.
If you have piece of property you are considering protecting, feel free to contact us.