Grant to support local Wildlife Corridor Restoration project


– Grant to support local Wildlife Corridor Restoration project –

Chilliwack, BC (May 15, 2012) – The Fraser Valley Conservancy received $3000 last year from the Rebuilding Nature Grant Program to help create and restore a significant wildlife corridor in the Chilliwack river valley. Supported by The Home Depot Canada Foundation and led by Evergreen, the Rebuilding Nature Grant Program is a national program designed to support urban environmental stewardship projects that provide community members with opportunities to restore and care for urban landscapes.

Team-Depot-Coordinator-Nicole-digs-a-hole-for-a-new-tree-300x225The Ryder Creek Wildlife Corridor Project will create and restore both riparian and terrestrial habitats to complete a significant wildlife corridor that connects crown land to the north and provincial park land to the south. This corridor will enable wildlife to migrate naturally between their different seasonal habitats. This past year with the help of the Chilliwack River Action Committee, FVC and The Home Depot associate volunteers, and support from the Rebuilding Nature Grant, FVC was able to remove debris and invasive plants, build a bridge and fence, and restore the property back to its natural habitat. Through everyone’s efforts, a flat field of grass has been transformed into a complex habitat of ponds, hills, depressions, large woody debris, big boulders, and newly planted native vegetation.

For the final phase of this project, Associates from the Chilliwack The Home Depot store volunteered their time and know-how this past Tuesday and helped plant over 200 trees and shrubs and removed some invasive plants from the property.

volunteers-plant-around-the-site-300x225The Rebuilding Nature Grant Program is a partnership between The Home Depot Canada Foundation and Evergreen, a national environmental organization that makes cities more livable through community naturalization projects. Since 2005, Evergreen has distributed $452,000 in grants and $211,000 in The Home Depot gift cards to 132 community organizations across Canada through this partnership. In addition, associates from The Home Depot have volunteered thousands of hours of hands-on service to help communities complete their projects.

“Sustainable urban greening is achieved primarily through deeply committed community groups across Canada,” said Geoff Cape, executive director, Evergreen. “The Rebuilding Nature Grant program is an effective way to ensure these groups receive the funding and support they require to make their projects possible.”

“We are proud to provide funding and volunteer support to help the Fraser Valley Conservancy complete their local urban stewardship project as part of our longstanding partnership with Evergreen,” said Paulette Minard, manager, community affairs, The Home Depot Canada. “Our support of this project is just one part of our commitment to giving back and creating strong communities across Canada.”   

THANK YOU to the Home Depot Canada Foundation and Evergreen for supporting this project!

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Team-Depot-volunteers-shovel-through-the-rocks-to-plant-a-tree-135x135 IMG_7720-135x135 Lunch-break-burgers-and-snacks-provided-by-Team-Depot-135x135 the-site-after-restoration-and-planting-135x135

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