Nature Stewards

The FVC encourages everyone to become a Nature Steward and it starts in your own backyard! This is an active way to take part in conservation.

When you sign up to become a Nature Steward, a knowledgeable FVC (or partner organization) staff member will schedule, at your convenience, a site visit to your property to help  identify potential wildlife habitat. The staff member will incorporate your personal interests along with their findings from the site visit to create a conservation management and monitoring plan for your property.

Depending on your level of interest, a detailed property report and training on specific stewardship actions can be arranged.  For more challenging and complex tasks, funds and services may be provided through partner and in-house grant-funded projects. These may include assisting with the removal of stubborn invasive plants or planting a large area with local native vegetation.

Nature Stewards participating in our program are encouraged (but not required) to sign a Stewardship Agreement. When a Nature Steward signs such an agreement, they are committing to providing protection for the wildlife habitat on their property for the duration of their ownership. This document is not legally binding. It simply demonstrates the landowner’s commitment to the ongoing stewardship of their property.

While we have been running this program since 2006, funding (and consequently how many participants we can accept) for this program fluctuates from year to year. To ensure it is sustainable and draws on the best resources available, we partner with other similar local organizations to ensure its ongoing maintenance and delivery. Currently, the FVC is partnering with the South Coast Conservation Program to deliver the program in the following target areas:

  • Yarrow and Vedder Mountain
  • Ryder Lake area in Chilliwack
  • Inquiries about other areas in the Fraser Valley are welcome

For resources related to this program including information on gardening with native plants, removing invasive plants and animals, identifying wildlife and leaving a conservation legacy, please visit the South Coast Conservation Program website.

We are also pleased to announce the Fraser Valley Watershed Coalition as a partner organization.

Please contact us if you would like to participate in this program.