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Species at risk benefit from land donation

By Paul J. Henderson, The Times February 11, 2011

A riverside property in the Chilliwack River Valley has been donated to the Abbotsford-based Fraser Valley Conservancy (FVC) by the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD). Continue reading

FVC Receives $10,000 from Vancity

Vancity-Community-Projects-Grant-300x236On behalf of The Fraser Valley Conservancy, Executive Director Lisa Fox and Executive Assistant Ashley Peters, accepted a check for $10,000 from the Vancity Community Project Grants Program.  The grant will help support our up and coming Environmental Youth Stewards Program and various other on-going projects at FVC. Continue reading

FVC Aquires New Property


CGS-300x225The Fraser Valley Conservancy is pleased to announce its third acquisition of a property which is along the Chilliwack River and connects Provincial parkland to Crown land and is home to several species at risk, which may possibly include the Coastal Giant Salamander.  FVC came into possession of the property thanks to the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) which was looking for a conservation organization to look after the property.

In addition to the support received from the FVRD, the Chilliwack River Action Committee showed their support by submitting an application for funding which will allow for habitat improvements to this property that will welcome spawning salmon and over wintering ponds for Coho from Ryder Creek. Continue reading

Why Did The Toad Cross The Road?

Congratulations to Matthew Hawkins  and PhD Biologist Carin Bondar for winning the 3rd Annual Film Snacks Award.  Their entry, “Why Did the Toad Cross the Road” received unanimous praise from film snacks judges. The film won for its creativity, original story-telling, and choice of environmental topic. The Film highlights FVC’s Amphibian Protection Project, to view the film check out our YouTube channel

“Why did the Toad Cross the road?” by Matthew Hawkins