Restoration Project Underway

Before-Restoration-300x225FVC staff and volunteers have been busy this month restoring wildlife habitat at our Ryder Creek Wildlife Corridor.

The Fraser Valley Conservancy acquired the property, which is located in the Chilliwack River Valley, early this year from the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD). The  FVRD was looking for a conservation organization to protect the property in perpetuity. In 2009 a landslide swept down the hill and plugged a portion of Ryder Creek. The flooding that ensued caused the evacuation of the residents and made the property too hazardous to live on.



Volunteers-Sara-Jesse-300x225In order to clean up after the slide, FVC staff and volunteers demolished and removed old sheds, cleaned up all the remaining household debris and removed invasive species such as lamiastrum and english ivy. After all the hard work and countless hours that FVC staff and volunteers put into gathering and piling up site debris, the efficient operator from M&M Excavating loaded it all up in just minutes. In total, 2 dump truck loads of concrete, one load of tires, one load of recyclable metal, and one “big bin” of garbage was removed from the site.




Excavator-300x225Once all the sites debris was loaded up, M&M excavating quickly started to reshape the land and even created two groundwater ponds. Stumps were placed around the site, while logs supplied by Kel-Mor Enterprises were driven into the soil to serve as new perches for birds and a haven for bugs to burrow into. After the site was excavated and reshaped, Steve, our Environmental Stewardship Coordinator mulched the site with 63 bales of hay. The mulch provides grass seed as well as protection for the soil from erosion and moisture loss. Thanks Steve for all your hard work and long hours to make this site a new home for local wildlife!




New-Wildlife-Habitat-300x225Dave Lamson from the Chilliwack River Action Committee (CRAC) was also a key partner in this whole restoration project. Right from initial grant writing, to logistics, to planting the first trees, Dave and the CRAC were highly involved.

Through everyones efforts, a flat field of grass has been transformed into a complex habitat of ponds, hills, depressions, large woody debris, big boulders, and newly planted native vegetation.

Thanks to all involved, including the site neighbours, you made this project successful and highly enjoyable!


Knotweed-Debris-135x135 Steve-Clegg-Removing-Debris-135x135 New-Bird-Boxes-135x135 New-Ground-Water-Ponds-135x135 Old-Chicken-Coop-135x135

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