Spring is just around the corner, so once again we are looking for enthusiastic volunteers to help install directional fencing for our Ryder Lake Amphibian Protection Project, aka the Toad Tunnel. In the next few weeks the adult frogs, toads, and salamanders will start migrating to the wetland for breeding. We install fencing at this time of year on the forest-side of the road to help direct the adult amphibians towards the safe passage of the tunnel.

The fencing will be constructed from silt fencing material attached to wooden stakes using staples and screws. The most challenging part of this project will likely be working in wet or muddy conditions on a steep slope. Volunteers must be prepared to work in cold or wet conditions and will need work gloves.

We will be onsite at the Toad Tunnel on Saturday March 3rd at 11 am. If you are interested in volunteering for this project to protect some frogs and toads please send Joanne an e-mail or call 604-625-0066 so she can send you further instructions!