The Bradner – Mt. Lehman Neighbourhood (BMLN) research project is now in its second phase.  This project is based on working with the community on issues that are important to them regarding the environment in the BMLN. The results from our first year have given us direction to influence positive changes in the many systems involved in these issues. We’re grateful to the BMLN residents for their participation in the first phase, and to the City of Abbotsford for their support.

Project Timeline

Phase 1 (2019) – Community consultation on systems of environmental protection in the BMLN (see report here)

Phase 2 (2020) – Based on community consultation results – hold an interagency workshop on tree and stream protection (in progress)

Phase 3 (projected 2021/22) – Bring interagency workshop results back to the community, discuss future steps, continue to facilitate agency participation in influencing systemic changes

We are thrilled to continue receiving funding from the Vancouver Foundation for this important work. If you have questions about this project and would like to learn more, please contact