Board of Directors

Our board of directors are dedicated and active volunteer members of the FVC community. They help guide and oversee the direction of the organization, in addition to supporting fundraising and outreach events.

Are you interested in sitting on the FVC board of directors?  Click here to read about  FVC Board Member Roles and Responsibilities.

If you would like to be considered by the nominating committee to sit on our board, or if you have a matter you wish to bring to the board’s attention,  please send us an email.


Fraser Valley Conservancy Board of Directors


Zoey SlaterZoey Slater (B.Sc.) is a biologist who graduated from the University of the Fraser Valley and lives and works in the Fraser Valley. She has been involved in stewardship activities focusing on species at risk for nearly 10 years. She has also been involved in invasive plant work and stream protection. She is passionate about preserving land so that biodiversity will flourish throughout the Fraser Valley. Zoey previously worked for the FVC, delivering outreach programs, and became a board member in 2012 so she could continue to spread the word about the importance of conserving natural habitats in the valley for future generations to enjoy.


Vice President:

Emma Bryce is the Assistant Agriculture Technician at the University of the Fraser Valley. Emma sits on the board of directors for BC Young Farmers, and is the BC, Alberta, Yukon regional representative on the board of directors for the Canadian Young Farmers Forum. After completing her Bachelors at Kwantlen in 2013, Emma moved to Chilliwack and began her studies at UFV, earning her Certificate in Livestock Production and Diploma in Agriculture Technology. While studying at UFV, Emma worked in a range of agricultural fields, including managing a small organic lavender farm in Abbotsford and milking at a dairy in Rosedale. Emma also owns a small farm in Ryder Lake, where she has raised a variety of animals including pigs, goats, chickens, ducks, geese, and turkeys. Emma’s passion for sustainable agriculture and conservation drew her to FVC, and she looks forward to bringing her experience in agriculture to conservation issues affecting the Fraser Valley.


Perry IqubalPérry Iqubal (M.Sc.) has a unique blend of diverse experience in Community Environment, Wildlife & Finance. Pérry started his career in Ornithological research from the foothills of Himalayas and worked in conservation projects with organizations such as Centre of Wildlife & Ornithology, India & World Pheasant Association and International Trust for Nature Conservation UK. After finishing his Masters in Environmental Management, he worked with The Waterfowl and Wetlands Trust in Washington, UK. Pérry moved to Siskiyou National Forest, Oregon and worked with United States Forest Service where he worked on conservation projects related to Biodiversity, ecological restoration and Community Environment Awareness programs. Inspired by strong ethical values and corporate social responsibility, Pérry joined Vancity Savings Credit Union and has been working with Vancity for over 12 years. Pérry came onto the board of FVC in 2014 and enjoys working with the high-spirit team here.


Emily Hamilton (M.L.A.) moved to British Columbia from Massachusetts in 2014 when she got a job with the City of Surrey, Trees and Landscape Section. She brought her experience as an Arborist and a Landscape Architect, as well as a respect for the roll that Land Trusts play in protecting our environment. Emily has always been interested in the connections people have with nature, and protecting biodiversity on an ecosystem-wide scale. Her career has evolved from art & design to science, and then to a political approach of protecting nature, but always with focus on learning. Here in the Pacific Northwest, Emily also appreciates the growing awareness and openness to listening to indigenous cultures and their environmental wisdom. Her favourite tree on the west coast is the giant sequoia, and her favourite tree on the east coast is the white oak.


P6020054John Vissers has been a resident of Abbotsford for 30 years, and is well-known throughout the valley for his tireless dedication to protecting the environment. In addition to serving on the FVC board for the past 10 years, he is the past chair of the Abbotsford Environmental Advisory Committee and currently serves on the Abbotsford Development Advisory Committee. His commitment to the environment has earned him the Order of Abbotsford, the Queen’s Jubilee Medal, as well as the Rotary Paul Harris Fellowship. He lives on a rural property on Sumas Mountain where he appreciates the natural values of his surroundings.


Tamsin BakerTamsin Baker (M.Sc.) has been involved with the Fraser Valley Conservancy since 1999 when she was The Land Conservancy of BC’s Lower Mainland regional manager. She has experience with land acquisitions, conservation covenants, stewardship initiatives and partnership building. Since 2012, she has been the Stewardship Coordinator for the South Coast Conservation Program (SCCP) where she has been coordinating stewardship activities including landholder contact for Coastal Sand Ecosystems on the South Coast and Species at Risk in the Lower Mainland/Fraser Valley.  She joined the FVC board in 2014, and while she lives in Vancouver, she enjoys frequent visits to the Fraser Valley to appreciate its many natural areas.



Mathew RedekopMatthew Redekop (B.Sc. Hon.) lives in the Fraser Valley, and is excited to have the opportunity to facilitate land conservation and promote good environmental stewardship through the work of the FVC. Matthew has considerable experience with non-profit organizations having had worked as manager and director of programming in the area of international community development for close to 15 years. This work involved many prolonged partnerships with a variety of organizations in order to implement projects that benefited communities worldwide. His studies focused on environmental management issues.   Matthew has been serving on the FVC board since 2014.



Chris Lumsden (B.Arch) moved to BC from Ontario in 2016 and currently works as an Area Planner with the City of Surrey. Having grown up camping, fishing and exploring southern and central Ontario he is passionate about protecting  natural habitats as well as the importance of conservation and education efforts from one generation to the next. As an urban planner, he is committed to developing resilient, livable and flourishing cities where access to and a better understanding of nature forms an integral part of urban life. He has been involved with the implementation of the City of Surrey’s Ecosystem Protection Measures, which seek to balance ecosystem conservation and enhancement with land development and infrastructure planning on a city-wide level.


Jacquie Huff  grew up in North Vancouver, BC in the 1960’s and 70’s.  She is grateful for the wonderful memories of her and her family hiking and exploring the rich wilderness of the North Shore during that era.  She believes this contributed to her curiosity of the natural world around her, and why she is so drawn to the need of protecting natural spaces for our future generations. Jacquie works with children from the age of 3-12, and is a keen believer in environmental education for this age group.  She strives to take the kids in her care on nature walks whenever possible, allowing them to explore the natural world around them. Her philosophy is “Kids Need Nature ~ and Nature Needs Kids!”