Save your bottles to save their habitat

Did you know when you recycle your pop bottles, milk cartons, beer cans, juices boxes, and wine bottles you can help protect habitat?

Not only are you recycling but your refund can be donated directly to the FVC.

And it is super simple!

Step One

Collect all your returnables in a clear, or transparent blue recycling bag.

No sorting required!

When full, tie securely and firmly press on your FVC Return-it label.

Need labels? Click on the button below to have them sent directly to you.


Step Two


Find a Return-it Express Depot near you and drop off your bag.

If you need more labels you can print them there using our phone number 604-625-0066.

Need to find your nearest drop-off? Click the button below and enter your address.


Go an Extra Step!


Discarded bottles and plastics in our community contaminate the environment and make their way into our oceans.

Pick up bottles lying on the street and add them to your collection. It’s a win win!

Please pick up the other garbage items too and dispose of them correctly – check out your municipality’s recycling program to see what goes where.