CGS-300x225The Fraser Valley Conservancy is pleased to announce its third acquisition of a property which is along the Chilliwack River and connects Provincial parkland to Crown land and is home to several species at risk, which may possibly include the Coastal Giant Salamander.  FVC came into possession of the property thanks to the Fraser Valley Regional District (FVRD) which was looking for a conservation organization to look after the property.

In addition to the support received from the FVRD, the Chilliwack River Action Committee showed their support by submitting an application for funding which will allow for habitat improvements to this property that will welcome spawning salmon and over wintering ponds for Coho from Ryder Creek.


During the year FVC will be actively involved in restoring and rehabilitating the property which opens up volunteer opportunities for those that are interested. Some of the activities will include garbage removal, invasive species removal, creating wildlife habitats by installing bird/bat boxes and creating brush piles, planting native species, and amphibian surveying to name a few. If you are interested in giving back to the environment and would like to volunteer with FVC, we are holding a Volunteer Meet & Greet on February 10th, 2011, if you would like to participate please visit our volunteer information page and RSVP today.

To aid in the rehabilitation and re-establishment of habitats an endowment fund will be set up for this property. The Fraser valley conservancy hopes to raise money for the endowment fund through donations, memberships and corporate sponsorship. Learn more about how you can support FVC.