Avoid Herbicides & Pesticides

Many of our native pollinators are already waking up and looking for food! Using herbicides, pesticides and fungicides can harm those pollinators. Either harming them directly, or removing their important floral resources, especially at the beginning of the season. For example dandelions, these flowers are an important protein source for bees.

Let Your Lawn Go

You can make a conscious decision to let your lawn be a little messy! Leave any leaves and stems that are on the ground for longer, bugs and critters like these spaces, they rely on them for survival. You can also add different ground cover to replace grass, like clover, moss, yarrow, and creeping thyme.

Mix It Up & Add Variety

Choose to plant a variety of species that will bloom at different times of the year. Intersperse your garden with with local native plant species as well. This will provide our precious wildlife with food resources throughout the year. Bonus! Native plants can save on water usage.

Add Natural Features

Create natural features in your garden! Brush piles provide cover and shelter for wildlife. Woody debris and rock piles are great foraging spaces for our native snails. You could also consider creating small habitats, like sunny rock features for snakes, or a water area for birds and amphibians to stop by for a drink.