Maclure Wetlands

macThe Maclure Wetlands were donated to the FVC in the fall of 2008.  The wetlands provide a home for many species including the at-risk Mountain beaver, Green heron, and Red-Legged frog as well as potential habitat for the Pacific water shrew.

Chickadees, Cedar waxwings, Red-Winged blackbirds, Stellar’s jays, Northern flickers, Fox sparrows, hawks, mink and many types of ducks and raptors also utilize the Maclure Wetlands for nesting sites and hunting grounds.  It also acts as a corridor between developed properties allowing coyotes and other mammals to travel freely and hunt.

In 2012, the FVC received funding from Environment Canada EcoAction Community Funding Program and the RBC Blue Water Project Leadership Grant to help preserve the existing biodiversity and restore some of the degraded habitat to its full potential. Click on this link to see more about this successful planting event.

In 2014, we partnered with the Fraser Valley Watershed Coalition along with support from the National Wetland Conservation Fund to do an in-depth assessment of the feasibility of restoring Maclure Wetland to a more diverse and fully functional wetland complex. The outcome was an in-depth Management Plan for the site that outlines our vision and goals for this property. We are continuing to work with stakeholders and partners to see if we can acquire the necessary commitments and resources to undertake a significant restoration project at this site in the future.