McKee Peak is a unique gem of nature in Abbotsford that is under immediate development pressure. A Public Hearing will be held on March 6th to decide its fate. Your voice will make a difference.

If you love nature, and you feel that the needs of nature must be fully incorporated during the development planning process, we want you to attend the Public Hearing or write a submission to city council. We have summarized our key concerns and outlined ways you can help – it is easier than you think!

The City of Abbotsford has created a Neighbourhood Plan for McKee Peak at the western end of Sumas Mountain. The future development will create homes for 20,000 people within 769 hectares, which is largely undeveloped and forested. It contains numerous streams, wetlands, waterfalls, and provides habitat for wildlife, both common and rare.

The plan will have a huge impact on the forests, the wildlife who live there, and the beloved trail system used by outdoor enthusiasts from all over.