This year marked a very special discovery for our Western Screech-owl monitoring program.

Their adorable mating call sounds like a bouncing ball; a series of hoots, speeding up. They use these calls to find a mate, advertise their territory, and communicate with each other.

Listen to their call:



This small owl has disappeared from much of its former range across the Lower Mainland, mostly due to the loss of suitable forest habitat. We have been working hard to support their continued existence.


This year, our audio recording devices picked up something exciting…

For the first time since our program began, we recorded the sounds of juvenile Western Screech-owls at one of our Nature Steward’s properties!

This means there was a successful breeding pair and our efforts to support the stewardship of wildlife habitat are paying off.

Listen to a snippet of our recording here!



Let’s continue working together to ensure these beautiful little sounds are heard and appreciated for many generations to come. Please consider donating today!

Photo Credit: Ken Shults/Audubon Photography Awards