A Vital Abbotsford Wetland

This 15 acre property was donated to the FVC in 2008 by a local family, to protect the ecological values of its important wetland habitat. It acts like a giant sponge for Abbotsford. During rain events, the storm drains from downtown Abbotsford empty into the headwaters of Horn and Willband Creeks. These creeks then flow into the south end of this large wetland complex. The water then flows out through Matsqui farmland and out to the Fraser River. The ability of the wetland to absorb excess water reduces flooding impacts downstream. In addition the flood protection it offers, the area creates an important refuge for many species, especially birds and fish. The FVC portion of this wetland is only part of a much bigger complex and we work with the neighbours and the City of Abbotsford to ensure it can sustain important habitat for wildlife into the future as well as mitigate the impacts of climate change.

Property Objectives

The FVC’s management goals for the Maclure Wetlands include:

Increase and protect native biodiversity and natural ecological processes.
Supporting the persistence of rare, endangered, and vulnerable plants and wildlife.
Providing valuable habitat for migratory birds and native fish species.
Increasing community involvement in environmental stewardship.

In 2014, we partnered with the Fraser Valley Watersheds Coalition along with support from the National Wetland Conservation Fund. An in-depth assessment of the feasibility of restoring Maclure Wetland to a more diverse and fully functional wetland complex was done. The outcome was the creation of a Management Plan that outlines our vision and goals for this property. We are continuing to work with stakeholders and partners to see if we can acquire the necessary commitments and resources to undertake a significant restoration project at this site in the future.