The FVC offers services for a fee that creates habitat for wildlife

Our area of expertise is in the identification and timely, manual, removal of invasive plant species. Our crews are skilled in understanding how best to control unwanted plants while ensuring the native plants can thrive. Our crews share their knowledge of the habitat with landowners, or anyone interested in habitat enhancement work. By hiring an FVC crew not only are you getting good value for your money, but all surplus generated is re-invested into our conservation programs.

If your plan includes unique small-scale habitat enhancement goals like bird boxes, educational signage, supporting local stewardship groups, etc. our knowledgeable staff are happy to help.

We do not undertake large-scale restoration projects that required the use of heavy machinery to move soil or place large wood. We are happy to get involved in these projects once the machine work is completed.

Habitat Enhancement and Maintenance Services

These services are offered to land managers who have a property that is an ecologically sensitive area or is going to become a protected area. We can help implement QEP recommendations and maintain the area. FVC staff have years of experience creating and implementing native planting plans invasive species management plans. Our knowledge of growth habits and reproduction result in effective planting plans with high survivability. We offer management plans that are designed to efficiently meet your habitat creation goals.

Gardening for Nature Services

These services are offered to private landowners looking to enhance their property to benefit local wildlife. These services include the removal of invasives species and planting native species. FVC staff will assess the property for habitat suitability and create and implement a management plan based on the needs of the property and goals of the landowner.

Next Steps

If you would like to discuss options or request a quote, please provide a brief description of the property, including the property location and size, and any relevant sections from the QEP report in an email to