Service Seeds Rewards Program Terms and Condition Version 1.0. May 15, 2024.

Rewards Program Eligibility

Participation in the Habitat Healers Service Seeds Rewards Program is open to any British Columbia resident residing in and around the Fraser Valley area. Individuals under the age of 16 must obtain parental or guardian approval and provide accurate personal information upon enrollment. Program participation is contingent on abiding by the Fraser Valley Conservancy (FVC) volunteer Code of Conduct, safety protocols, and guidelines in the Stewardship Manual.

Rewards Program Registration

Individuals who meet the eligibility above can become “participants”. Participants can enroll in the program by using the Airtable “Sign Up Form”.

Pledge/Rewards/ Conditions

To earn and redeem points, volunteers must maintain an active program membership. Inactivity for 24 months renders accumulated points invalid. Participants can opt out of the program at any time, forfeiting unused points. To cancel your membership, contact the Fraser Valley Conservancy via email.

Expiration Dates

Points hold no monetary value and remain valid if volunteering with the Fraser Valley Conservancy at least once every 24 months. Points expire after 24 months without volunteering. The expiration of points is subject to available funding. Participants will be notified of any changes via email or other channels. The Fraser Valley Conservancy reserves the right to adjust or terminate the expiration policy based on funding availability.

Eligible Activities or Services

Points cannot be earned for charity donations, purchases of Fraser Valley Conservancy products, or volunteerism outside the Fraser Valley area. Volunteer activities within the Fraser Valley Conservancy, such as attending educational events, invasive species removal, tree planting, and community outreach, qualify for program eligibility. Excluded activities include fundraising or board member participation activities. Each event that is eligible for Service Seeds will indicate it is a “Habitat Healers” event in its advertisements.

Volunteer Requirements

Volunteers must have volunteered with the Fraser Valley Conservancy within the last 24 months before signing up for the Service Seeds Rewards. At least half of earned Service Seed Points must come from Fraser Valley Conservancy events to redeem reward points.

Redemption Conditions

Each reward point may be redeemed for one item. Products eligible for redemption must be offered by the Fraser Valley Conservancy. Participants must sign a Service Seeds Pledge to collect and redeem points.

Tiers Specification

Membership tier levels are based on hours contributed to volunteer activities within the Fraser Valley Conservancy. Tier levels reflect volunteer hours contributed and are updated annually. Participants remain at their current tier until enough hours are earned to qualify for the next tier.

Fraud Prevention

Fraud includes falsifying hours on the Service Seeds Online Tracking form or creating multiple identities to accumulate points. Participants engaging in fraudulent activities will be immediately removed from the program.

Limited Liability

The Fraser Valley Conservancy assumes no liability for technical problems affecting program operation.

Personal Data Collection

By participating in the Habitat Healers Service Seeds Rewards Program, you consent to the collection, use, and disclosure of personal data in accordance with the Fraser Valley Conservancy’s Privacy Statement.

Amendment of Terms and Conditions

The Fraser Valley Conservancy reserves the right to amend, modify, or update the terms and conditions of the Service Seeds Rewards Program as deemed necessary. Participants will be notified of changes via email, the website, or other appropriate channels. Continued participation in the program implies acceptance of revised terms.

For inquiries, contact the Fraser Valley Conservancy via email at