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Current volunteer opportunities at FVC!


Here are some other ways you can become involved:

  • Public Education: Volunteers who are enthusiastic and able to work well with media and public education outlets are needed to promote the mandate, projects and commitments of the FVC.
  • Fundraising and Campaigning: We need help fundraising through different project-related campaigns to help supplement projects such as habitat restoration, habitat creation and harm mitigation.
  • Habitat Restoration: Volunteers who enjoy getting their hands dirty are needed to help with several projects including our Adopt-A-River Program, Native Species Plantings, Invasive Species Removal, and several restoration projects. There is also a need for the construction and donation of bird and bat boxes for residences to increase biodiversity within the Fraser Valley. See this video “Chilliwack Vedder River Clean-up 2010
  • Our Board of Directors team are all volunteers. If you have skills in non-profit organizations, finance, legal, or real estate, please consider donating your time to the FVC.