The Work

  • Help us to complete the 2021 Ryder Lake Toadlet Migration Season!
  • We are looking for volunteers to review wildlife camera images of the toadlets passing through the toad tunnel. If you have some spare time to put your eagle eyes to good use, we would love to hear from you!

Why it’s Helpful

  • Counting how many toadlets pass through the toad tunnel during the migration helps us determine the success of our Ryder Lake Amphibian Protection Program.
  • The numbers of toadlets in the photos provide insight into the relative size of the toadlet migration for this year and if the toad tunnel is working as intended.
  • It also provides interesting insight into what other critters use the tunnel to cross the road!


  • Count toadlets in a series of photos that were taken on the toad tunnel wildlife camera.
  • Input the toadlet count data into a provided Excel spreadsheet.


  • Must be detail oriented and committed to meeting deadlines.
  • Computer skills are a must – specifically knowledge of Google Drive (this is how you will access the photos) and Microsoft Excel.
  • Must have access to a full-size, high-resolution monitor to review the photos on. This work can not be done on a phone or laptop due to the nature of the photos.


  • Written instructions on how to count the toadlets on the images.
  • Written instructions on how to input the toadlet count into the Excel spreadsheet.
  • Access to FVC staff person for any questions you may have.


  • Office work.


  • Your home.


  • Starting ASAP.
  • Go through images in groupings of 500 at a time, depending on how many toadlets are in each photo this could take 5-10 hours to review a group of 500. (If you’d like more, request another batch and 500 more will be sent).
  • We ask that each batch of 500 images be completed within a 2-week window after being received.
  • Photos can be reviewed at any time of the day/week.

To sign up, email

Thank you for your interest in counting toadlets!