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The Job

  • The tadpoles are getting closer to metamorphosing into tiny toadlets, and soon will be making their annual mass migration to the surrounding forest. Come out and help us install silt fencing in a hay field. We will be hammering stakes into the ground and laying down garden hose to make sure the little toadlets can’t sneak their way underneath. 

Why it’s Helpful

  • Thousands of toad tadpoles are growing into toadlets and soon it’ll be time for them to migrate to the forest on the other side of the road. You will be helping them to do this safely! Installing the toadlet fence will ensure that they get to their tunnel under the road!  


  • Construct and install the toadlet fencing.


  • Must be prepared to work in hot conditions with no shade.

  • Hammering wooden and metal stakes into the ground, and using a staple gun to secure the fence, in a hay field will be required.

  • Must navigate uneven ground, and climb over fencing.

  • Need work gloves, sturdy shoes (hiking boots recommended), and dress for the weather (hats, sunscreen etc.)


  • Masks are required.


  • Fence installation training provided on site.


  • Outdoors, hay field, along road ways


  • Ryder Lake/Chilliwack – details to be emailed pre-event. Having a vehicle to get to the area is a requirement.


  • Last day to register is Tuesday, June 29th at Noon. Please email to sign up.

  • Event Date: Wednesday, June 30th, 2021 from 8:00 am – 11:00 am (UPDATED TIME)

ICE CREAM will be provided for everyone who helps out!

To sign up, email

Thank you for your interest in our toadlet fencing volunteer opportunity!