Who We Are

As a provincially registered not-for-profit society and a federally registered charity, the Fraser Valley Conservancy (FVC) is governed by an active Board of Directors under the terms of the Society’s Bylaws. The Executive Director oversees daily running of the FVC, on behalf of the board, and the FVC Staff implement the various Projects and Programs. While we do not produce a formal annual report (due to limited resources) our program activities updated regularly on this website as well as our Facebook page, and a Chartered Accountant reviews and produces our Annual Financial Statements (available upon request). We are a membership-based organization and as such we actively encourage participation by our members and volunteers through meetings and activities held throughout the year.


FVC Organizational Flowchart

All FVC programs and projects must meet and contribute the the FVC mandate goals which are:

  • Protect and preserve land and watercourses that have recognized local and regional ecological value
  • Promote, facilitate and engage in land stewardship activities
  • Protect, preserve and enhance habitat for native species including rare and endangered species
  • Protect and preserve land of recognized local and regional historic value