Spring is just around the corner and the wildlife in the valley know it!

After what seemed like endless months of rain, we are now waking up to crisp sunny air that is filled with bird songs that have been absent all winter. Every day more birds arrive in their quest to find a mate and set up their summer homes.
And if you live near a wetland you may be lucky enough to hear the distinctive rib-bits of the Northern Pacific Treefrog in the evenings. These tiny frogs use their big voices to attract females to their patch of water. Click on the recording below by Michael F. Benard.
And if you are driving on a rainy night near wetlands keep an eye out for the adult frogs, toads and salamanders crossing the roads to get to their breeding ponds.

Photo credit: Sean McCann

We at the FVC are worried about how many people have commented to us that they used to hear the treefrogs, but don’t anymore. The wetlands have been vanishing from our valley landscape and the number of treefrogs seem to be following this trend as well. Hence we have launched our Frog Finder Program to find the important areas where they are still breeding and to ensure their habitat is conserved.

Help us, help them, by becoming a Frog Finder!

Click on the image above to go to the official page.