Fraser Valley Frog Finders

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The Fraser Valley Conservancy is asking for your help to find amphibians in the Fraser Valley. Our local frogs, toads, salamanders and newts are struggling because many of the wetland habitats they call home have been lost. On top of that, invasive species (like the American Bullfrog) are making it more and more difficult to survive.

The FVC specializes in habitat protection and restoration. What we need to know is where our work needs to be done! There is where you come in.

Have you heard the loud chorus of Tree Frogs at night? Have you seen the tiny Western Toads migrating together in the summer? Your knowledge of the Fraser Valley will help us to learn about important areas to consider for conservation work. Even more, if these critters happen to live on your property, we can give you advice on how to keep them happy and healthy.


First and foremost we are looking for native frog species – those that are found here naturally. Maybe you have heard this sound below at night – from a small “ribbit ribbit” to a full chorus of songs, the Northern Pacific Treefrog is a frog we want to find! (recording below: Michael F. Benard)

Sound is just one way to identify frogs. You can also use these handy picture identification guides for adult frogs and for their egg masses.

Have you seen any other native frogs in and around your neighbourhood? If you have pictures but are unsure of the identification, feel free to send them our way. We would love to see and hear your observations of Western Toad or Northern Red-legged Frog, as both of these native frogs are at risk!

Maybe you have heard or seen some invasive frog species lately, like the American Bullfrog or the Green Frog. These frogs are most active in the summer, and unfortunately, can prey on our native frog species. You can send us observations of these species, too. The more we know about where they are located, the better we can plan for native species’ conservation.


To be a Frog Finder all you need to do is fill in this online form.

We will ask you for:

  • Your name
  • What kind of frog you believe you heard or saw
  • Where and when you observed the frog
  • If you want to learn more about frogs
  • If you want to be contacted to follow up on your observation

If you have questions you can email us, too! We want to answer questions you may have, offer advice, and work with you to learn about frogs right here in the Fraser Valley.

Want MORE?

Consider joining iNaturalist (you can submit your observations to our project “Fraser Valley Frog Finders”).

Sign up as a FVC Volunteer to participate in our amphibian work (wetland restoration, Ryder Lake toad project, and more!)

Frog Finders FAQs

Q: Is this project limited to the Fraser Valley?

A: Yes, the Fraser Valley Conservancy operates within the Fraser Valley, from Langley to Hope. If you would like to report sightings outside of the Fraser Valley feel free to check out BC Frogwatch.

Q: I think I saw or heard what you are looking for but I’m not sure. Can I send you an email with questions?

A: Absolutely! If you’ve already looked through the ID guides and listened to the sound bites and still need some help, send us an email with some photographs and we will help you identify the critters in question.

Q: I want to learn more! How do I get involved in your amphibian work?

A: After you have signed up as an FVC volunteer here, if you still want to do more send us an email to see if there are any other opportunities to work with Frog Finders on specific surveys or other areas of interest to you.


This project is made possible by support from:


As well as our wonderful FVC donors – THANK YOU!