What is the Nature Stewards Program?

This program gives you the tools to actively play a role in stewarding wildlife habitat on your property. By participating you receive personalized advice and information about local wildlife and species at risk, habitat improvement, and land protection.

Why Should I Join?

This program is no-cost to you. There are many benefits to getting involved.

Site visit

Book a property tour with knowledgeable FVC experts to discuss your conservation goals and receive personalized advice.

Stewardship agreement

Receive a personalized certificate summarizing what makes your property special for wildlife, and which stewardship activities you pledge to undertake.

Wildlife habitat report

Get a customized report outlining important wildlife habitats and recommended stewardship activities for your property.

Habitat enhancement assistance

Gain access to advice and assistance that can help you improve wildlife habitat on your property.

Access to resources

Get tips on species identification, controlling invasive plants, and planting native shrubs and trees. You can also borrow our wildlife camera to see what critters are visiting your property.

Program plaques

Receive a beautiful plaque to proudly display on your land.