Announcing our New Climate Change Program!

Climate Change Close to Home: Bringing nature-based solutions to climate change to the Fraser Valley

What is the Close to Home Program?

The Close to Home program focuses on raising awareness and inspiring action on climate issues in the Fraser Valley. While climate change is a global issue, the actions we take here at home support healthy ecosystems locally and globally. We believe that everyone can have an impact in curbing climate change and some of the best tools we have are those provided by nature.

How Can I Participate in the Close to Home Program?

There are many ways you can participate in curbing climate change. At the FVC we are bringing attention to the nature-based solutions you can implement in your neighbourhood to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, build resilient local ecosystems, and store carbon.

We are excited to continue to develop this new FVC program. Stay tuned for more climate change content and resources coming soon.

Program Sneak Peek!

Check out the picture below for a sneak peek at the Close to Home program page in development. Are you interested in learning more about how you can get involved? Email Laura today.


This program is funded by Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund.


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