Become a Habitat Healer Today!

Our Habitat Healers Volunteer Program provides you with the knowledge, tools, and support you need to conserve thriving and resilient ecosystems in your neighbourhood! This program is for both experienced naturalists and curious community members, who want a happier and healthier community.
The program offers free workshops that teach you to be an effective caretaker for the living world that surrounds you. The program also has on-the-ground training to apply what you have learned in an urban habitat.
Be part of a movement that will provide clean air, water, soil, and habitats for all people, plants, animals, and fungi near you!

What is a Habitat Healer?


A Habitat Healer is someone who is learning to be an effective caretaker for the living world that surrounds them. They participate in nature-based workshops and have had on-the-ground training to apply what they have learned in their community. 

Service Seed Reward Levels

Habitat Healers are encouraged to work towards minimum hours of voluntary service activity and engagement. As a Habitat Healer gains hours they will collect Service Seeds and, in turn, reach different Service Seed levels. To qualify to collect Service Seeds, a Habitat Healer must have established recent volunteer hours with the Fraser Valley Conservancy and have submitted the Service Seed pledge. 

Service Seeds!

Track Service Seeds – Get Rewards

Service Seed Levels and Awards are given to Habitat Healers who have exhibited minimum amounts of hours dedicated to learning about and taking part in stewardship actions within their community. At each milestone of their journey, they will be recognized for their achievements.

Sponsor our Volunteers

We’re partnering with local businesses to show appreciation to our dedicated volunteer teams who work tirelessly to enact nature-based solutions to climate change in their everyday lives. If you’re interested in reaching a new target audience and aligning your brand to social and environmental responsibility, we’d love to have you as a sponsor!

Thanks to the following businesses for sponsoring us!

Moonwater Soap & Candles

At Moonwater Soap & Candles we handcraft natural Self-Care products, all created with Intention to embody a desired Metaphysical Energy. We use only the finest natural, eco-friendly, and fair trade ingredients to bring you a luxury-quality product at an affordable price!
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Silk Degrees

We have an eclectic mix of unique home décor, gifts & clothing that fit every want & need! Small town personal service from the Gals at Silk Degrees, makes us your Fraser Valley Boutique destination!
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The Natural World: Crystals & Gifts

Whether you are looking for beautiful crystals and other spiritual tools, card readings, energy healing or transformative workshops, and ceremonies you will find what you need in a inviting, inclusive environment. Nature is where I find connection and that is what I hope you find here.
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The Pantry Natural Foods

One of the oldest Natural Foods stores in the Fraser Valley, celebrating 50 years next year! We offer lots of bulk including herbs and spices and excellent customer service.
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When you become a Habitat Healer you'll...

Make friends

Meet like-minded people in your community while restoring a green space together!

Learn practical skills

Learn more about the natural world and how to support the environment and the species that fill it!

Improve your health and wellbeing

Improve your physical and mental health by working with nature!

Feel good about helping your community

Become an ambassador for positive change in your community!

Support pollinators

Learn how to create and maintain beautiful spaces that will attract and support pollinators around your home and in publicly-enjoyed spaces!

Plant trees

Help us reach out goal of planting 4,500 native trees and shrubs by 2025 to create healthy habitats for wildlife and clean air for all!

Learn about nature

Learn how to identify the plants and animals of the Fraser Valley and how to contribute to data collection!

Attend free workshops

Practical, hands-on workshops that provides you with the knowledge you need to restore the natural areas that surround you!