What is the Native Land Snails Program?

The Native Land Snails Program works to support the research and conservation of Fraser Valley’s snails. Native snails are those that are indigenous to this area. Forestsnails are those that reside primarily in forest habitats.


Did you know?

  • The Fraser Valley hosts five snail species, four of which are native.
  • One non-native species, the Grovesnail, is the most commonly found snail in your garden.
  • All of our native snails have a central pit on their underside, while the Grovesnail does not.
  • The Oregon Forestsnail is an endangered species in Canada.

Check out this handy identification guide for local snails.

What Does the Native Land Snails Program Do?


Investigating how forestsnail distribution, abundance, movement, and longevity is affected by urban development.

Habitat protection

Ensuring the snails have access to important plants and habitat features for food and refuge at the Three Creeks property.


Providing information on snail identification and habitat enhancement options to landowners across the Fraser Valley.


Sharing research data with local governments and working groups to support better development and management practices.

Snail Monitoring Report

Check out the long-term monitoring report from our Three Creeks property.

Forestsnail Monitoring Results



Marked in our capture-mark-recapture program



The oldest recaptured snail



The farthest distance recorded travelled by an Oregon Forestsnail



Recaptured since 2014

How Can I Help?

Get to know your snails

  • Learn how to identify snails. Never collect and/or move snails to different locations, as the habitat conditions may not be right.

Protect native vegetation

  • Forestsnails depend on native vegetation. They are often found in wet broad-leaf forests with dense native shrub vegetation. Stinging nettle is very important for healthy shell growth due to its high level of calcium and other essential minerals.
  • In parks and protected areas stay on designated trails and keep dogs on leash so that native vegetation stays healthy and does not become trampled.

Report snail sightings

Additional Information

ID Guide for Snails of BC's South Coast


Recovery Strategy for the Oregon Forestsnail (Allogona townsendiana) in Canada


Gastropod Surveys of Three Creeks Report


Program Partners

Our Native Land Snail program is made possible by the generous support of our funders.