What is a Habitat Healer?

The Fraser Valley Conservancy’s Step to It program was tasked with finding a way to connect people to stewardship action. In 2023, we started working with the community in Mission to care for a public park around Lane Creek. The team of volunteers who came together to care for Lane Creek and learn about caring for nature was called the Habitat Healers.

Who is a Habitat Healer?

The team in Mission was a massive success, and we decided to expand the Habitat Healers movement to include all FVC volunteers. Now, Habitat Healers are the ACTION VOLUNTEERS, learning how to take action in their communities and joining us for on-the-ground work to make a difference across the Fraser Valley.

The Habitat Healers Story

Now, let Patricia, our Coordinator of Volunteers, regale you with the tale of 2023, when Habitat Healers were born, and our volunteer program changed forever…

“Once upon a time, in the verdant landscapes of the Fraser Valley, British Columbia, there existed a thriving community of nature enthusiasts known as Habitat Healers. Nestled within the heart of the Fraser Valley Conservancy, Habitat Healers were more than just volunteers; they were stewards of the environment, guardians of biodiversity, and champions of conservation.


Throughout the past year, these passionate individuals embarked on numerous expeditions to heal and rejuvenate the natural habitats of their beloved region. With grit and determination, Habitat Healers spearheaded over 5 invasive species and garbage clean-ups, meticulously restoring the ecological balance one plant at a time. Together, they planted over 1200 native species, breathing life into once-desolate landscapes and nurturing them into vibrant ecosystems teeming with vitality.

But Habitat Healers were not just hands in the soil; they were also eager learners, hungry for knowledge and eager to make a difference. They eagerly attended over 6 educational workshops, soaking up wisdom like sponges and honing their skills to become even more effective stewards of the land.


Amidst the hustle and bustle of conservation efforts, Step to It, the community outreach arm of the Fraser Valley Conservancy, stood as a beacon of hope and opportunity. Within its embrace, volunteers from all walks of life found a common purpose—to protect and preserve the natural treasures of the Fraser Valley and beyond. Step to It welcomed all, extending its arms wide to embrace anyone with a passion for nature and a desire to make a difference. And within Step to It, Habitat Healers flourished, their dedication and hard work laying the foundation for a brighter, greener future.


Reflecting on their journey, Habitat Healers expressed profound gratitude and joy for the opportunity to be a part of something greater than themselves. “Having these events to come to, learn, and be a part of helping our local environment is amazing and means a lot. Thank you so much!” exclaimed one volunteer, her eyes alight with passion. Another chimed in, “Super pumped about this! Thanks for all the boring administrative work that goes on in the background of this.” And yet another shared, “Thanks for providing this opportunity to do an improvement project in my community and connect with such a great bunch of folks that enjoy nature and caring for habitats as I do.”


As the sun sets on another successful year, the call to action resounds louder than ever before. Moving forward into 2024, Habitat Healers now embraces all volunteers of the Fraser Valley Conservancy. Join us, dear reader, and become a Habitat Healer with the Fraser Valley Conservancy. Together, we can nurture the earth, protect its precious resources, and leave a legacy of conservation for generations to come. Will you answer the call?”


To everyone who made Habitat Healers such a great success, thank you so much! Let’s keep up the good work and Step to It!



To learn more about the Habitat Healers and to sign up, click here!