What is the Barn Owl Monitoring Program?

British Columbia is the only province in Canada with a viable Barn Owl population. In 2018, as a result of habitat loss, road mortality and rodenticide poisoning, Barn Owls were listed as threatened in BC.

The Barn Owl monitoring program helps us understand the challenges this species is facing and identify actions we can take to ensure its survival.

Barn owl in hand

What Does the Barn Owl Monitoring Program Do?

Nest monitoring and banding

We monitor nest sites for Barn Owls and band owlets to assess population productivity, survivorship, and potential threats.
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Habitat enhancement

We provide recommendations on how to enhance old field habitat within parks and wildlife reserves to help ensure that there is available habitat for Barn Owls as our region becomes more urban.
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Collaboration and partnerships

We collaborate with dedicated local naturalists and volunteers to build Barn Owl boxes. We partner with municipal governments to ensure Barn Owls and their habitats are managed effectively.
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Pest management research

As part of an integrated pest management approach, we help farmers install Barn Owl boxes to reduce the dependency on rodenticides to control rodents.
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Average age of Barn Owls found dead on major highways




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Monitored annually for Barn Owl nesting