What is Frog Finders?

The Frog Finders program receives submissions of amphibian sightings in the Fraser Valley to help us work to protect them.

Our local frogs, toads, salamanders, and newts are struggling because many of the wetland habitats they call home have been lost. On top of that, invasive species are making it difficult to survive.

Have you heard the loud chorus of Treefrogs at night? Have you seen the tiny Western Toads migrating together in the summer?

By telling us when you hear or see frogs, you are helping us with our conservation work in the Fraser Valley.

PC Grace Overduin

How to Participate

All you need to do is fill out our simple online form. No sign-ups or complicated questions are required!


When you fill out a Frog Finders Form we will ask you for:

  • Your name
  • What kind of amphibian you heard or saw
  • Where and when you observed the amphibian
  • If you want to learn more about amphibians
  • If you want to be contacted to follow up on your observation

If you have pictures but are unsure which species it might be, make sure you indicate you are interested in being contacted! We will follow up with the identification of your submission!

Frequently Asked Questions

I saw something but I don't know what it is. Can I still submit it?

You don’t need to know which species you have seen to submit your sighting.

Take a clear picture if you can.

You can also use our frog and salamander picture identification guides to help you figure out what you saw.

You can also identify them by the sounds they make at night. The only frogs you can easily hear are Treefrogs, Bullfrogs, and Green Frogs.

If you have already looked through the photos and listened to the sound bites and are still unsure submit your Frog Finders Form and we will help you.

There's a frog in my yard - what do I do?

Don’t worry about frogs, toads, or salamanders you find out and about. These critters can migrate over land, and many live their entire lives without ever stepping foot in a pond. Ensatina and Western Redback salamanders are born on land.

If you find an amphibian in your backyard, do not attempt to relocate it. They will find where they need to go. If you are concerned they may get injured (for example, they are underfoot during yard work), you can gently place them under some nearby shrubs or other plants with clean, dry hands or nitrile gloves. You can help them out by providing log piles and cool, damp spaces for them to hide.

NEVER move or release frogs, toads, salamanders, or their tadpoles from one area to another! Do not bring them from your property to another pond or park. This could spread diseases, invasive species, and seriously injure other amphibian populations. 

If these critters happen to live on your property, we can give you advice on how to keep them happy and healthy. Visit our Nature Stewards program page for more information.

Can I send in a sighting from outside of the Fraser Valley?

We operate within the Fraser Valley, from Langley to Hope.

If you would like to report sightings outside of the Fraser Valley, feel free to check out BC Frogwatch.

How do I get more involved in helping the amphibians of the Fraser Valley?

Sign up for our volunteer program to help us with our amphibian work.

Consider joining iNaturalist  where you can submit your observations to our project “Fraser Valley Frog Finders”.


Additional Information

Frog ID Guide


Egg Mass ID Guide


Salamander ID Guide


Program Partners

The Frog Finders program is made possible by our wonderful donors and supporters as well as funding from Environment and Climate Change Canada.