Community Outreach

The FVC’s goal of “promoting, facilitating and engaging in land stewardship activities” is met through our Community Outreach Program. This is accomplished through a variety of approaches so that members of the community can engage at a level with which they are comfortable:

Participating in Community Events…


FVC staff, members and volunteers regularly attend and participate in community events that promote local conservation issues. Such events are a great way to learn and meet other conservation-minded individuals and organizations. Events that we regularly attend include:

  • The Chilliwack-Vedder River Clean-up Days – we participate in this program to promote environmentally friendly behaviours and to help keep this valuable river system clean for the fish, birds and other wildlife who rely on this habitat.
  • Celebration events – we recently celebrated the acquisition of our Three Creeks property with a community barbeque, guided interpretive tours of the property, and information displays.
  • Informative displays at public event such as RBC’s Blue Water Day, BC Rivers Day, Fraser Valley Bald Eagle Festival, Ryder Lake Ramble, to name a few.
  • Community Restoration events – we frequently organize large volunteer events to complete manual work on our conservation properties, such as planting trees, removing invasive plants, installing fences, and more. We provide on-site training, equipment and refreshments at these events and everyone has lots of fun working together to help restore the natural environment.

Notices of community events that we attend can be found on both our Facebook page and our News page as they are announced. If you sign up as a volunteer or a member you will receive automatic email notifications about upcoming events.

Hosting Workshops and Training Opportunities…

The FVC has access to very knowledgeable conservation experts both on staff and through our partner organizations.  We endeavor to share this expertise with other volunteer organizations and the general public. Our ultimate goal is to build a strong base of informed Citizen Scientists in the Fraser Valley who will help be our eyes and ears on the ground finding rare species and special habitat features that may need to be conserved. We are planning a formal field skills training workshop (GPS use, species at risk identification, invertebrate surveys, etc.)  We are also working towards the development of useful field ID and reporting tools (i.e. a smartphone app). We currently provide informal training opportunities to local community groups upon request, and our Facebook page is regularly updated with fun and useful field facts and findings.